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It all started on a tiny country island called Bahrain in the year 1999, when two passionate Americans launched a coffee roastery called New York Coffee. The pair shared a vision to produce unique coffee blends that would resonate with the taste-buds of coffee connoisseurs around the world. Our hard work paid off, and our first coffee shop was built in the heart of Bahrain in Manama city for locals to savor locally roasted coffee. That first shop became wildly popular throughout Bahrain, and people flocked for a chance to taste our coffee. New York Coffee’s flagship community turned a simple coffee house into a refuge for people to gather, relax and socialize. And as our community grew, so did our coffee shops with four new coffee stores in Bahrain, and one internationally.

Today, the Canadian-owned brand has evolved into a stronger force honoring those same principles and core values that New York Coffee was built upon. Our foundation is inspired by a culture of unity, with a taste and passion for high-quality coffee and good food.

Our Core Values

As a growing organization in every area imaginable, New York Coffee is shaping and building unique experiences for our customers. We accomplish that by actively embracing diversity and various cultures around the world. We fiercely believe that unity, freedom and respect are equally important elements of our society. New York Coffee encourages our employees, loyal customers, partners and the public at large to create a better world with those principles in mind.

Our core values are our guiding light, and the basis of our foundation for success and community building.
We believe in the following three core values:

1. Respect for diversity and all walks of life.
2. United with a common purpose.
3. Create a welcoming culture and environment that brings together all cultures.

Brand Vision

New York Coffee aspires to be a place uniting diverse communities and people from around the world. We act as a host for their inspiration, and a resting place to enjoy good coffee and good food. We strive to become global leaders in facilitating social culture.

Our vision is simple. We want to contribute to society by promoting social progress, offering opportunities to fulfill people’s dreams, and inspiring the community through art and passion for their work. New York Coffee aims to achieve this goal by offering ongoing training and support of our employees while engaging with our customers as true partners in our business.




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Our People

New York Coffee Baristas are true artisans bringing life to our brand. We ensure our baristas are regularly trained, educated and skilled in making the perfect cup of coffee that draws a loyal community together. Just like the coffee purists of our time, our knowledgeable New York Coffee baristas also aim for perfection and share their passion for coffee and its roots.

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Our Coffee

Our Roastery Plant is located in Sitra, Bahrain and that’s where all the magic happens! New York Coffee roasts its own beans in Bahrain from a local coffee plant that has been providing fresh beans since the year 2000. We also supply wholesale coffee to dozens of retailers and organizations within the region.

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Our Food

An amazing cup of coffee deserves delicious food to compliment it. Over the years, we created an extensive food menu and locked in the recipes developed by our own skilled and experienced chefs. We did not compromise on anything to ensure each product is prepared with perfection and consistency.


Our food menu includes a wide variety of dishes including breakfast, pancakes, waffles, crepes, salads, burgers, sandwiches, grills, pasta, pizza and more mouth-watering options.