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We're a passionate team devoted in supporting your business

New York Coffee has been supplying quality coffee to businesses and institutions for over ten years within the MENA region. Today, we’re ready to take the next step in our journey as your partner, and offer viable support and solutions to your business needs.


New York Coffee spent the last few years building up the trust of our community and coffee connoisseurs alike. We offer unmatched quality and competitive pricing for our clients, and have also gained a substantial foothold in the marketplace grown from our passion and hard work.


Unlike other wholesalers, New York Coffee builds long-lasting business relationships. We go beyond selling you our quality beans and coffee blends, and take the time to listen and deliver the solutions you need. From developing high-end blends to tantalize your customers’ palates, to creating high-quality blends at an affordable price; we can customize solutions and products to our client’s needs. New York Coffee knows that when your customers are happy, you’re happy. That’s why we always deliver a quality product with outstanding service to your business, while focusing on your customers needs at the same time.


New York Coffee didn’t set out to be a brand leader in speciality coffee, but our quality product and engaged community paved our way for our success. Today we’re an up and coming leader in our industry and strive to ensure our clients’ needs are always met.


Our community of happy customers aren’t the only ones who love our product. Our coffee measures up against the vigorous standards and quality requirements of multiple international brand evaluations. We take every opportunity to engage with our clients with the utmost sincerity, offering them customized solutions and consistent quality service. That’s New York Coffee’s real legacy. Will you join us on the journey?


For enquiries on our wholesale supply service you may contact:
Samuel Nilam, Commercial Manager
Ph: +973 1762 3584
Mo: +973 3990 1980

Services and Programs

Our wholesale supply services include:

• Customized beans selection and blends
• Private labelling and customized packaging
• Office self-service set-up and supplying
• Fuel station and kiosk service set-up
• Supplying coffee equipment and machines

Business Segments

We work with clients searching for a way to offer a reliable, quality experience that their customers can count on. We supply, and work in partnership, with clients within the following categories:

• Coffee retailers
• Cafes, bakeries and restaurants
• Hotels, accomodations and lodging
• International franchises
• Wholesalers and distributors
• Hospitals, Colleges and Universities
• Airport lounges
• Airlines